Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another week, I've looked at Flickr and the mashups. Librarian trading cards do absolutely nothing for me. I've set up Bloglines and found all kinds of technology feeds, environmental feeds, news feeds, movie review feeds. This I think I'll like. If people are avid readers and library users I would bet they'd like like an RSS feed to let them know when a book on a favourite topic or by a favourite author has been catalogued. I wonder how we could do this. The other thing I'm working on are the specs for new computers. Vista models are more expensive than XP Pro machines but the XP Pro machines will be very outdated in two or three years...

Sunday, March 4, 2007

One of the tasks on my first library job almost 30 years ago was typing catalogue cards on a large heavy Underwood manual typewriter. In January 2007 I ordered the county's first notebook with the Windows Vista Business operating system. When I read the the first of the 23 things, I thought lifelong learning is second nature to me, an indelable part of my soul.
Blogs, Flickr, RSS are just more bits of technology. It should be fun to play with them.